Monday, March 3, 2008


I am running a contest. The winner will receive a 125X125 Performance Ad Space for one month.

Reply to this message with a picture of your 125X125 ad along with your website and email. I will choose the best designed ad out of the bunch.

All entries must be entered by March 19, 2008. I will select and announce the winner the following day. The winner will be contacted through email and once I receive confirmation their ad will be displayed immediately.

The winner will receive an ad spot from March 20 to April 20, 2008 on the right side of my blog.
If you are interested in purchasing an ad today, email me at

OTHER AVAILABLE AD SPOTS (hover over pictures for prices):
$8/month, email$5/month, email$4/month, email richardt@ualberta.caSOME BLOG STATS:
The average time on site is 2 minutes and 50 seconds.
In two months time, my blog has seen visitors from 40 countries.
Navy blue=no visitors yet from that country

For full stats, please email


James Michael Wilcox said...

Nice contest. I run a site called The Proficient Investor.

Here's my logo:

Condor Options said...

Here's our ad:

Jason said...

Sweet contest :)

Ad link:



Richard said...

Thanks for the entries! I'm loving the ads so far, just keep in mind to add your URL to your submission.

I rate ads not only on its design but relevance, so including your URL here is important.

I've seen Jason's site before, so if you're wondering, check out:

(I will be having contests like this one regularly if I get at least 10 entries, so keep them coming!)

john said...

here is my 125x125 ad

john said...
this one works better than me popping a beer on a big pond

Jim said...

Great contest :D

Here is my ad:

And the website:


black&RED said...
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black&RED said...

Great :) Thanks for this great offer :)
My blog is :)

Here is my ad:

P.S it's animation ad :)

Thanks! :)

theWild1 said...

The Wild Investor


Add my blog to your website


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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